Seosmile – This is the best alternative google adsense in 2017 for monetize your website. There are seven 7 Top and The Most Expensive, Highest, and Proved to Pay site advertising providers for alternative Google Adsense. There are Popcash, Adsterra, Propellerads, Adnow, Shorte, Adpop, and Revenuehits.

Seosmile will review their advertising sites for you. They are the best PPC, CPM, CPA, Popunder and other ads. The ads provider will increase your income from your website or blog. In addition to paying high, they are the proved to pay publisher. So they advertising very safety and most expensive payment.

7+ The Best Alternative Adsense 2017 PPC, CPM, Ads That Pay The Most Expensive, Highest, Safest, And Proved To Pay
7+ The Best Alternative Adsense 2017 PPC, CPM,

This the best alternative adsense in 2017:

1). Popcash

Perhaps this is the highest paid advertising provider and pay the publisher a fee proven profitable. How not, just 100-500 impressions or impressions on ads, then you will be paid a fee equal to 1 Dollar even more dependent on our blog visitors. 

Ad popcash also very convenient for visitors because it will only be shown one time each ip every day so even if the ad is manifold popunder but still provide comfort for loyal readers of our blog or website. The best alternative adsense 2017 recommendation from me.

7+ The Best Alternative Adsense 2017 PPC, CPM
Ppc advertising’s most expensive

Popcash itself proved to pay and on time. For those of you who want to keep producing on the blog and do not want to make visitors run away then Popcash is the right choice and the best advertisement. Please see for yourself mate. If you want to register for free here REGISTER POPCASH

2). Adsterra

Adsterra is a provider of advertising from Russia. Although new as adnow but adsterra have a lot of demand because it gives a high rate and income. Just imagine for such a small blog seosmile to generate about $ 0.2 visitors per day to less than 1000 while for visitors over 1000 estimated earnings of $ 5-6 adsterra can get more.

Adsterra Best alternative adsense
Adsterra Best alternative adsense
many types ads of asdterra best cpm ppc
many types ads of asdterra

Adsterra many types of ads, ranging from; popups, banners of various sizes, intersential, news push-up, and etc. Adjust your needs for your web ad types blogging. Come’on join to adsterra for more expensive income. If you want to register in REGISTER ADSTERRA

3). Propellerads

Propellerads best cpm and ppc 2017 2018

Proppellerads is a provider of the highest paying ad publisher. Ad proppeler ranging from the popunder, cool advertising banners of various sizes, intersetial etc. So propeller is a combination of CPM and PPC advertising is mandatory you try because it ensures safe and certainly pay publisher.

Income from propellerads
Income from propellerads

If you have a web or blog download and have a lot of visitors then I recommend using Proppeller for advertising providers is proven safe and pay his publisher.

Having various types ranging from banner ads to popunder with various kinds of sizes. Propeller pay big enough around $ 10 per 1000 impressions.

Ads from these ads propeller is suitable for blog download, since most of its ad banner inscribed with the words download which will surely attract the attention of visitors.

With revenues of $ 10 per 1000 impressions the ad I think the propeller is one of the highest paying providers cpm his publisher. Great is not it? to join propeller in: REGISTER PROPELLERADS

4). Adnow

Providers of all four ads that pay the most expensive and highest is adnow. Imagine only 10 banner ads are clicked we can get the $ 0.1 visitors from Indonesia. If visitors can click the more I’m sure we could get 4-5 $ per day just by the click of 400-500 visitors from Indonesia and if your web visitors from outside it will be even more earnings you get from this adnow.

Best alternative adsense ppc cpm
Best alternative adsense

CPM ads adnow very attractive appearance, with a variety of images that support, especially for business blogs and health. Since most of its ads containing health content and online business.

What are you waiting for? Join and feel get your dollar : D
To join adnow please go to REGISTER ADNOW

5). Shote

best shorten in 2017 is the best in the affairs of a short or a URL shortener for these sites provide a dollar paid the greatest and highest among the others. Imagine with just 5,000 visitors who came short of our links, we will be directly paid $ 5 even if a visitor of our links of the top countries in the world.

But this site is not much to know and still less popular with the site provider best short link others such as But learning from the experience and until now I wear is because the highest paying and much larger than that with a minimum balance of $ 5 we have to pick it up.

The schedule of uptake on the 10th of each month, either through paypal or Payoneer. And I recommend selecting as your partner in shortening the URL that makes money for us because easy to use and guaranteed safe. REGISTER SHORTE

6). Revenuehits

Revenuehits around 2008, in spite of these service providers have been paying members and of course with high pay, though not as high as adsense or Even so registration in revenuehits quite easy and of course immediately accepted by the revenuehits this may be because revenuehits still new and needs a lot of members who entered. Although quite long enough but many website or blog owner who did not know there was this ad provider.

Revenuehits best PPC and CPM
Revenuehits best PPC and CPM

Revenuehits to have a lot variants of banner ads from ordinary to pop-up ads. So I suggest you immediately sign revenuehits while they are still in need of many member hehe: D. When wishing to register can visit REGISTER REVENUEHITS

earning from revenuehits
Earnings from revenuehits

Tips revenuehits users, advert popunder, footer and slider definitely crops will increase dramatically.

7). Adpop

adpop best popunder

Adpop an Advertisement media network which has 150 000 webmasters that stood since 2015. Adpop combines modern high-end RTB solutions, design UX best practices CPM display formats so the design is more friendly to publlisher. Now publisher counted 3000 publisher with 30 million impressions per day.

Excess use adpop CPM ads are paid per 1000 impressions greater, ie more than $ 7, is greater when compared with other CPM. The payoff is more flexible that with paypal and wire with a minimum payout of 20 dollars.

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